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Latest News:

Online Orders: We are now offering FREE DELIVERY on our website for orders over €100!


Staff News: Our much loved staff member and reptile expert Scott has left this week to go travelling around Africa, where he’ll be working with elephants, giraffes, primates and venomous snakes. We’ll really miss him as part of the team but we’re so happy he is getting to go on this journey!


New Snake Arrivals: We now have some stunning apricot and normal milksnakes instore in our reptile house. We will keep them here until they have had a few consecutive feeds before they will go to their new homes. They are available for reservations now so if you’re interested, visit https://www.shaunaspetshop.ie/shop?store-page=Pueblan-Milk-Snake-Juvenile-Apricot-p437727574


Pets of the week: Syrian Hamsters

Here at Shauna’s Petshop, we are passionate about animal welfare. Our animals’ wellbeing and happiness is always the most important thing to us. That’s why we ensure that our animals are going to the right family with the right enclosure! 

Here’s a quick Do’s and Don’t on owning a hamster:

DO set up a space using an indoor run, empty dry bath tub or large cardboard box to use as out-of-cage time. Include different substrates where they can dig and search for hidden treats and carry out their natural behvaiours.

DO give you hamster a big wheel! In the wild, hamsters run up to 6km a night on average. They need a large wheel to run on comfortably to carry out this need for speed!

DON’T house hamsters together. ALL hamsters are solitary, they cannot be housed with another hamster once they’re over 8 weeks old in any circumstance.

DON’T use hamster balls. They are dangerous and stressful. They can cause hamsters to injure their feet and hands and can be very disorientating as they cannot navigate themselves.


Product Review of the Week:

World’s Best Cat Litter

Pro’s – excellent odour absorbancy, clumping, made of 100% natural ingredients, flushable down the toilet, lasts a long time

Con’s – more expensive than other cat litters, but it’s worth it for the longevity!




29/01/2022 by Chloe

Great first post! Good luck to Scott on his travels, he will be missed! Gorgeous snakes

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