Small Pet Nail Clipping

Need a Small Pet nail clipping service in Dublin? Get in contact with Shauna's Pet Shop

Small Pet Nail Clipping

Does your small pet need their nails clipped? Shauna's Pet Shop offers clients a full small pet nail clipping service.
Our team of animal experts create a warm, welcoming and ambient environment designed to relax even the most nervous of small pets.

Our small animal nail clipping service includes:

  • Rabbit Nail Clipping

  • Guinea Nail Clipping

  • Hamster Nail Clipping

  • Gerbil Nail Clipping

  • Chinchilla Nail Clipping

We use a variety of tools to clip even the most neglected animal nails.

The process is completely pain-free and we make every effort to minimise any stress to the animal.

To enquire about availability please get in contact with Shauna's Pet Shop small pet boarding today

Small Pet Nail Clipping FAQ

  • How often Should a Small pet have its nails trimmed?

    A small pet should have their nails trimmed as required. When nails become too long they need to be trimmed. An experienced person must trim a small animal’s nails as if they are cut too short they can cause bleeding and pain.

  • What happens if an animal’s nails get too long?

    In the case of rabbits, if their nails get too long the rabbit will compensate by changing the angle in which they put their foot down. This will eventually lead to increased wear on the joints.

    Long nails can also easily get snagged. A snag can then lead to rips and foot injuries.