Small Pet Nail Clipping

Need a Small Pet nail clipping service in Dublin? Get in contact with Shauna's Pet Shop

Small Pet Nail Clipping

Does your small pet need their nails clipped? Shauna's Pet Shop offers clients a full small pet nail clipping service.
Our team of animal experts create a warm, welcoming and ambient environment designed to relax even the most nervous of small pets.

Our small animal nail clipping service includes:

  • Rabbit Nail Clipping

  • Guinea Nail Clipping

  • Hamster Nail Clipping

  • Gerbil Nail Clipping

  • Chinchilla Nail Clipping

We use a variety of tools to clip even the most neglected animal nails.

The process is completely pain-free and we make every effort to minimise any stress to the animal.

To enquire about availability please get in contact with Shauna's Pet Shop small pet boarding today

Best pet shop..

Best pet shop there is in Ireland, only gets and sells animals from ethical breeders so you can be sure you’re getting a healthy pet. Also only advises proper care for all animals, proper cage and tank sizes, proper set ups etc, this making them the only pet shop in the country that does so. Most other pet shops sell animals from rodent mills, and cages and other products that are unsuitable and unsafe for animals. So you know you’re getting the correct advice and best care when you go to Shauna’s :)

Tara O'Connor - 01/08/2018

Couldn't recommend this shop more

Couldn't recommend this shop more, the staff Lisa and Robert were so helpful and informative. Lisa is also a dog trainer and groomer so she was a fountain of knowledge of how to keep my Irish Terrier puppy stimulated and secure in the correct lead and harness. I recommend bringing your dog in with you so they can try on the different harnesses and see what works best for them. It's also so important to support small Irish independent store's like this one 👍

Clare Aherne - 01/08/2018

Lovely place

Lovely place, the animals aren't treated as products and have adequate enclosures, a rare quality in the business. The owners are very sympathetic and know what they're doing. The care instructions on the enclosures brought a smile to my face, as it furthermore confirms this is the best place in Dublin for animal care.

First man in the jungle - 01/08/2018

I used to go there on my bad days to look at the bunnies!

I used to go there on my bad days to look at the bunnies! Then, I finally bought a rabbit from them! 🐇 I'm just so happy to have such a lovely pet shop close to work! The staff is always super helpful and friendly 😍

Marta Martinho - 01/08/2018

Bravo for the amazing services!

Bravo for the amazing services! This pet shop is really known for its amazing services and products. It was these guys that provided me with anything that I needed for my beloved pets. Also, the prices they are offering are just within my budget, and I liked it very much. I'm sure that the services of this pet shop will be my number one option from now on. Greatly done, guys! Thanks!

Scott Long - 01/08/2018

Amazing shop and staff.

Amazing shop and staff. We got this little guy from them and they have been so helpful with any questions and recommendations to take the best care of him. 100% would recommend Shauna's and look forward to my next visit there.

Joseph Lynch - 01/08/2018

I bought a “Muddy Paws”

I bought a “Muddy Paws” outdoor rug for my dog, it arrived so quickly. The website it full of brilliant products and easy to navigate. This is my third purchase from Shauna’s in the last couple of years and I will continue to return.

T. Crox - 01/08/2018

Honestly such amazing..

Honestly such amazing passion from all the people I chatted to, they helped to answer my questions and even more. Happy new owner of two Gerbils thanks to them! Would recommend to anyone looking for pets or pet supplies or even just pet information in general, Amazing!

Alex Wong - 01/08/2018

Small Pet Nail Clipping FAQ

  • How often Should a Small pet have its nails trimmed?

    A small pet should have their nails trimmed as required. When nails become too long they need to be trimmed. An experienced person must trim a small animal’s nails as if they are cut too short they can cause bleeding and pain.

  • What happens if an animal’s nails get too long?

    In the case of rabbits, if their nails get too long the rabbit will compensate by changing the angle in which they put their foot down. This will eventually lead to increased wear on the joints.

    Long nails can also easily get snagged. A snag can then lead to rips and foot injuries.