About Us

Who we are and what we do

What We Do  


Shauna's Petshop are an independent, 100% Irish owned pet store. Owned and operated by passionate animal lovers, all our animals, pet food and pet accessories have been carefully chosen by our team of qualified and studying zoologists.

Our animal experts take the time to get to know our clients and recommend the right products for the unique needs of their pets.

The welfare of animals remains our top priority and we make sure that all animals are sold to owners who have the necessary equipment, accessories and time to care for their new pet properly.


Shauna's Petshop are the current title holders of the Irish Independent Retail Award for Best Pet Supplies Store. 


We make every effort to source the very best Irish pet food and pet accessories.We make sure to carefully choose our pet food ranges based on the nutritional value of the food along with its affordability.

We use all our pet products and pet food on our own pets and we only supply products we are 100% confident in.



About the store

Shauna's Petshop was founded by Shauna in 2011 and has gone from strength to strength in terms of upholding the highest standards of animal welfare. Shauna's Petshop won both the 2018 and 2019 Irish Independent Retail award and we are still the current winners of this award. 

Why Choose Us?

Our store is unlike any other; our team is our family who all share a huge passion for animal welfare. This is our hobby as well as our job and we all feel so lucky to be a part of something so unique and positive for our pets. Our goal is to educate pet owners, support small businesses, and provide a welcoming and enriching environment for our pets. The animals we keep are our top priority and we truely believe they deserve the best life we can give them. We aim to stock products that are in the best interest of the pet they are designed for and we will not sell any product that we don't 100% believe is the best for your pet.

 Quality Over Profit

We are advocates of quality over profit. All our pet products and pet food are personally vetted by our team of animal experts.

Natural and Irish

Whenever possible we only purchase animal food made from healthy natural ingredients and we always do our best to work with Irish manufacturers and Irish suppliers.


All our animals’ come from fully registered breeders who we have been personally vetted by Shauna's Pet Shop.

Human Tested/Pet Approved

Shauna's Pet Shop’s is only stocked with food and toys that we would give to our pets. All our available products are tested by our animal experts – and approved by their pets.

We work closely with animal rescues such as the DSPCA by providing essential equipment to exotic animals in need; along with Kildare Wildlife Rescue by donating food and enclosures to their foster families looking after sick and injured wildlife.

We love to support other small businesses, especially those who share the same ethos of high animal welfare with us. We are currently the only store in Europe to stock Rodipet products, along with being the first in Ireland to stock Ham-Stake small animal products.