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  • 06/01/2023 - Shauna's Pet Shop 0 Comments
    Shauna's Pet Shop Recommends

    Our personal recommendations on where to adopt a pet, surrender a pet, find pet boarding and exotic veterinarians!

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  • 12/05/2022 - Shauna's Petshop 0 Comments
    What Supplements Should I Be Giving My Pet Reptile?

    Reptile husbandry has come a long way in recent years, yet little is still known about what supplements to feed our reptiles, when to supplement them, and how much. There are so many different species of reptile now kept as pets in Ireland and it can be very overwhelming trying to decipher what is the correct feeding plan for your pet. At Shauna’s Petshop, we are always researching new findings when it comes to vitamin supplements for your reptile. We have compiled a guide below on what to feed some of the most common reptiles we encounter which we hope will start you off on an adventure of learning about reptile nutrition

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  • 09/05/2022 - Shauna's Petshop 0 Comments
    An Easy Guide on What to Feed Your Tortoise or Bearded Dragon

    Why these two animals in particular? These are the two most common herbivores and omnivores we see in Shauna's Petshop and it can be very daunting for a new owner to know how much to feed, how often and what to feed. We've put together this blog to bring together the do's and don't's of feeding these hungry creatures. Remember - variety is essential for any pets diet and we can assure you your pet will thank you! 

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  • 13/03/2022 - Shauna's Petshop 0 Comments
    Quick 6 Reasons to Give your Pet Bird a UV Lamp

    It's something that is not talked about enough in Ireland when it comes to companion bird care. A full spectrum UV (UVB and UVA) spotlight for companion birds is very beneficial to their physical and mental health, so we wanted to share these six reasons to give your pet bird something to bring them closer to the wild:





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  • 02/03/2022 - Shauna's Petshop 0 Comments
    Our Guide on How to Cycle your Freshwater Aquarium

    At Shauna’s Petshop we believe that fish deserve the right environment to live a happy and healthy life. Goldfish bowls do not provide this and therefore we do not sell them. Goldfish can live up to twenty years or more and grow to even 4 times their size when living in the right conditions. Goldfish and other species need to live in a tank with a filter and ornaments to hide in or investigate as they are intelligent! They also need plants to help keep the oxygen levels in the water high. Fish extract oxygen from the water around them, and if there is no filter to filter out waste, then there is no oxygen. Fish don’t want to live in their own toilet. Be kind, be safe, and buy a proper tank and filter for your new pet.

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  • 15/02/2022 - Caroline & 0 Comments
    Why All Pet Reptiles Need UVB Light

    The question shouldn’t be: “Should I provide UVB?” It should be: “How much?”


    This blog takes excerpts from with permission. Please visit the links below to read the full articles.



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  • 05/02/2022 - Lisa & Caroline 0 Comments
    Fun Ideas to Keep Your Pet Happy Since Going Back to the Office

    Enrichment is often overlooked by new dog owners, especially since we're all going back to work and will be spending long days out of the house at the office. Many people have discovered the hard way that their dog needs a LOT more than just walks and this can lead to families feeling the need to surrender their pet to shelters. We're here to help any way we can to prevent this from happening to help keep your pet entertained throughout the day.

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  • 02/02/2022 - Shauna, Caroline & Lisa 2 Comments
    12 Things to Know about Bearded Dragons before Keeping One

    The basics for keeping a bearded dragons including enclosure, lighting, heating and diet, including a little bit about the bearded dragons we have available for adoption at the moment! 

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