12 Things to Know about Bearded Dragons before Keeping One

The basics for keeping a bearded dragons including enclosure, lighting, heating and diet, including a little bit about the bearded dragons we have available for adoption at the moment! 

1. Bearded dragons are probably the most docile reptile to keep; they will happily lie on you and chill out with you while you watch tv! This makes them a great pet for all the family. 


2.  They are active during the day and will bask in very hot temperatures!


3. Adult bearded dragons need a bare minimum of a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft enclosure (bigger is always better) with desert strength linear T5 UVB bulb and basking lights. They need to have access to different levels of UVB so plenty of décor in which to climb is essential in their wellbeing!


4. Bearded dragons are best kept on their own as they can be quite territorial.


5. In captivity, bearded dragons are prone to obesity, so a habitat that has enrichment to keep them active and encourages natural behaviour is very important!  


6. Bearded dragons LOVE their food! For a juvenile a ratio of 70/75% protein and 20/25% vegatation is necessary for optimal growth. For an adult the ratio is 70/75% vegatation and 20/25% protein to maintain ideal body condition.


7. Let’s talk about supplements and the calcium to phosphorus ratio. Bearded dragons need calcium for proper bone and egg development.

We recommend a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1, as well as calcium and vitamin D3. Vitamin A can play an important role in the health of your bearded dragon. This vitamin must be given sparingly therefore we recommend a supplement that contains beta carotene as an alternative to vitamin A as beta carotene will turn into vitamin A based on the animal's needs.


8. Bearded dragons are a wonderful pets for the whole family once their needs are met. They live on average 7-15 years in captivity.


9. Bearded dragons will really appreciate a soil substrate in which to dig, especially a gravid female.


10. Gut loading: this aspect of reptile care is commonly overlooked, but plays a vital role in the overall health of your bearded dragon. We highly recommend Habistat Medivet Insecta Snack as a gut loading diet for feeder insects. 


11. Safe vegetation for your bearded dragon: we recommend mustard greens, collard greens, dandelions, water cress and pak choi.


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Meet our Bearded Dragons Availabe for Adoption Below along with their Pictures:

It is so important that a potential owner is aware of the care needs of any animal they are considering adding to their family. Here at Shauna's, we do our best to help match families with their ideal pet and go through their care in detail before they take them home.

We are not a rescue centre. We will only consider taking in an animal in need if they have specific requirements that most rescue centres do not have access to and we have the means to help at that time. This was the case of these three bearded dragons below who we took in from various seperate situations. These dragons are available for adoption but please rememeber that all the above requirements still apply to these animals. 


1. Hiccup: Hiccup is an almost one year old suspected male. He came from Shauna's Petshop where he was bought as a baby last summer. His family, due to no fault of their own, could no longer keep him and they were devastated to say goodbye to him, but he was extremely well looked after and is so friendly that we're sure he'll have no problem finding a new home! His family donated all his accessories with him including his enclosure, lighting and decor which will go to his new home with him. 


2. Big Edwina: Edwina was a rescue that came in to us after she was given to someone as a gift. She has a short tail that looks to have been partially amputated. This could be as a result of a fight between her and her siblings when she was a baby, catching her tail in the sliding door of her enclosure, etc. we'll never know! It's healed perfectly though and doesn't cause her any issues. She is a big character and loves to be involved in what's going on around her. She also loves her vegetables, especially pak choi and dandelions! 



3. Charmander: Charmander came into us as a hatchling. It was clear he must have been kept in a group who had started fighting as he had injuries to his feet and tail. As a result he has some missing toes and a shorter than average tail. All these are now fully healed and don't cause him any issues. He has a lovely orangey firey hue to him which is where he got his name! He is thriving in our store now and growing bigger everyday! 



If you'd like to adopt Hiccup, Edwina or Charmander, please message us on social media @shaunaspetshop on Facebook and Instagram.



02/02/2022 by Lily

I was in during the week and seen Charmander ! So sweet I fell in love

02/02/2022 by Anto

They are deadly !!!!

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