Quick 6 Reasons to Give your Pet Bird a UV Lamp

It's something that is not talked about enough in Ireland when it comes to companion bird care. A full spectrum UV (UVB and UVA) spotlight for companion birds is very beneficial to their physical and mental health, so we wanted to share these six reasons to give your pet bird something to bring them closer to the wild:





1. How your bird sees the world: Birds can see a wider portion of the colour spectrum than we can, when they have access to UVA they can see colours of their environment more clearly, studies have also shown that birds feel more confidence in the presence of full spectrum UV as they can see their environment in full colour. While UVA helps birds identify mates, prevent feather plucking, select ripe food and it also improves their appetite.



2. UV & Calcium: Companion birds who have access to UVB can better synthesis vitamin D3, in turn they are able to best absorb calcium, this allows them to have strong bones and healthy eggs. Birds on a poor diet (all seeds and therefore calcium deficient) will benefit immensely by having access to full spectrum UV all year round. Certain species of birds such as African Grey parrots are prone to having low calcium levels.



3. Just like reptiles: Birds are an extremely close relation to reptiles, and are thought to be the closest living descendants to dinosaurs! Like reptiles, although they can obtain vitamin D3 from supplements, it is better for them to absorb it naturally through UVB light, where they can absorb only what they need. 



4. Light through a window is not enough: It is also worth noting that the benefits of UV cannot pass through glass, a cage placed near a window is insufficient.



5. Being outdoors with your bird: If you are bringing your bird outside to get some natural sunshine (secured safely in either a travel cage or properly fitted harness) the ideal temperatures would be between 18-29 degrees celcius.



6. Choosing the right light: It is vital that you choose a UV bulb that is designed for birds and is kept at the recommended distance from the top of the cage as the output must be the correct intensity. If you choose a bulb not designed for birds, the UV output could be too high, which can damage a birds eyes as they have thinner corneas and skin compared to mammals. We recommend the Arcadia PureSun Compact Bird Lamp along with a free standing lamp holder which can be positioned above your bird's enclosure and adjusted easily. 


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