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Shauna: Owner

Pets: Red setter (Maverick), royal python (Safira), 2 green cheek conures (Ruben & Rolo), 12 year old Mexican blood leg tarantula (Roxanne), panther chameleon (Flash), crested gecko (Elvis) and a gang of rabbits and guinea pigs! Also a baby Homo sapien!

Favourite animal in the store: Chameleons, rabbits, snakes and tarantulas.....I love them all really!

I've always had a huge interest in animals, and in 2008 I decided to switch careers and get involved in the pet shop industry. I spent the next few years working in a number of pet shop's and got to learn from some great managers. During this time, a chance encounter with former Dublin Zoo head vet John Bainbridge gave me the opportunity to really expand my knowledge of reptiles and exotics.

This passion and experience led to me opening my own store in 2011. We were quickly able to attract a really loyal base of customers, and the shop has gone from strength to strength ever since. It has taken a lot of time and effort, but I've loved being able to interact with so many different animal lovers along the way, from customers to breeders to the amazing vets and charities we work with.

As well as Shauna's Pet Shop, I am also involved in helping with a wide range of adoptions, from small animals to dogs. I use my store as a platform to match up pets needing homes with the perfect new owner. I am also very proud to be able to raise funds for rescue centres that are close to my heart, in particular DSPCA and TNR West Dublin.

I'm immensely proud of the team and the work that we do, and I'm looking forward to even better things to come.

Caroline: Manager

Pets: Cat (Casha), crested gecko (Snickers), African house snake (Mango), royal python (Harry)


Favourite animal in the store: Crested geckos & conures!

I’ve always had a love for animals and wanted to work with them. In 2013 I started volunteering at the DSPCA rescue centre and loved every minute of it. It was from the first day there that I knew I wanted to work in the animal welfare area. I learned a lot about dog behaviour, training and medical issues being hands on with dogs and I really got to understand them and how they understand us.

This led me to being accepted to study a Masters Degree in Animal Behaviour & Welfare in Queen’s University Belfast, where I studied genetics, farm animal welfare, animal communications, animal intelligence and sentience. I received a Master of Science First Class Honours Degree for my research into measuring dog behaviour in relation to different types of barking when in a shelter environment. While collecting data in the shelter and writing my thesis of the results I found, I was offered a job in the Dog Adoptions Team at the DSPCA. I worked there for 3 years and absolutely loved it. It was wonderful to be a part of such a passionate and kind team and so heart warming to see how hard everyone works to rehabilitate animals who have suffered extensive cruelty. They are an amazing team and still very close to my heart.

In 2019 I met Shauna and was hired as the manager in Shauna’s Petshop. I love the message of ethical animal treatment, proper enclosures and husbandry for our animals. I really wanted the opportunity to be a part of a business who is working towards bettering the life of our animals and give them the best as they deserve it!

Scott: Customer Assistant – Reptiles, Invertebrates & Amphibians

Pets: Brazilian rainbow boa (Maximus), western hognose snake (Salem), corn snake (Amber), leopard gecko (Julius), Israeli gold scorpion (Osiris), Asian blue forest scorpion (Kinsasha), South Indian scorpion (Bongo).

Favourite animal in the store: Nuevo León kingsnake


My passion for animals began at an early age with an obsession with arachnids. My first pet was a Mexican red knee tarantula of which I acquired from Shauna’s Petshop almost 10 years ago! From then, I have kept and worked with a large variety of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates from snakes to scorpions, lizards, tarantulas and frogs.

My background is primarily biology with specifications in natural sciences such as Zoology, Behavioural Ecology, Mycology and Environmental Proteomics. I plan to work with crocodilians in the future.

Alongside working at Shauna’s, I am currently volunteering at Dublin Zoo which has allowed me to gain and share my knowledge and enthusiasm for animals, especially the scaly ones!

Lisa: Customer Assistant – Dog Training, Small Animals & Pet Boarding

Pets: 3 dogs (Cosmo, Jet and Hawk), 3 cats (Garfield, Millie & Elliot), crested gecko (Avalon), 2 African fat tail geckos (Felafel & Samosa).


Favourite animal in the store: hamsters, rats, guinea pigs and crested geckos! I can't just have one favourite!


I started working with animals back in 2013 at the DSPCA. Being in an animal carer role is very hands on, you end up learning a lot about what you are capable of and the animals in your care teach you things that no book would be able to.

I developed a love for obedience and trick training through working with dogs as well as helping owners gain confidence and improve the bond they have with their four legged family members in training classes at the DSPCA. Dog training and behaviour has been a passion of mine for years and now I find that broadening towards general animal training and behaviour as well since being lucky enough to join the Shauna's Pet Shop team in 2019.

Scott would say, "mammals, they're Lisa's thing" but I also have a huge soft spot for different species of geckos!

Chloe: Customer Assistant – Fish & Aquariums

Pets: Cat (Grace)

Favourite animal in the store: Axolotls and our dwarf spotted pufferfish!


I am a third year college student studying Zoology in UCD and looking into conservational and rehabilitation opportunities after I finish my degree!

I’ve always wanted to work with animals since I was little. Whenever I had the chance, I would visit the zoo, aquarium or other animal facilities! Last year I had the privilege of working in Sealife with both freshwater and marine animals which was a dream come true!

My favourite section to work in in Shauna’s Petshop is downstairs in our aquatic section with our fish. I love setting up fish tanks and helping our customers start their own fish communities at home. I also love taking care and playing with our customers pets when they visit us in boarding.

Robert: Customer Assistant – Small Animals

Pets: 2 Jack Russells (Tony & Emily)

Favourite animal in the store: our frilled dragon!

I started my love of animals when I was a child, watching documentaries by David Attenborough and Steve Irwin, I was infatuated by the mystery and beauty of all animals big and small.

I started at Shauna’s doing work experience for 6 months. I learned so much about the daily running of the store and about the animals who lived there. I really fell in love with the place! When my placement was complete, I was so happy to be offered a job! Working at Shauna’s Petshop I have learned so much from the extremely dedicated and knowledgeable staff and I continue to learn so much every shift.

Our team is driven by love and respect for all animals and we strive to give them the best life and home possible.