Shauna: Owner

Pets: Red setter (Maverick), royal python (Safira), 2 green cheek conures (Ruben & Rolo), panther chameleon (Flash), crested gecko (Elvis) and a gang of rabbits and guinea pigs! Also a baby Homosapien and red eyed tree frogs!

Favourite animal in the store: Chameleons, rabbits, snakes and tarantulas.....I love them all really!


I've always had a huge interest in animals, and in 2008 I decided to switch careers and get involved in the pet shop industry. I spent the next few years working in a number of pet shop's and got to learn from some great managers. During this time, a chance encounter with former Dublin Zoo head vet John Bainbridge gave me the opportunity to really expand my knowledge of reptiles and exotics.

This passion and experience led to me opening my own store in 2011. We were quickly able to attract a really loyal base of customers, and the shop has gone from strength to strength ever since. It has taken a lot of time and effort, but I've loved being able to interact with so many different animal lovers along the way, from customers to breeders to the amazing vets and charities we work with.

As well as Shauna's Pet Shop, I am also involved in helping with a wide range of adoptions, from small animals to dogs. I use my store as a platform to match up pets needing homes with the perfect new owner. I am also very proud to be able to raise funds for rescue centres that are close to my heart, in particular DSPCA and TNR West Dublin.

I'm immensely proud of the team and the work that we do, and I'm looking forward to even better things to come.

Chloe: Team Leader

Pets: Cat (Grace), royal python (Richard)

Favourite animal in the store: Axolotls & Ruben and Rolo! 


I am a Zoology graduate from UCD specifically interested in conservation and rehabilitation.

I’ve always wanted to work with animals since I was little. Whenever I had the chance, I would visit the zoo, aquarium or other animal facilities! I previously worked in Sealife aquarium. Here I worked with the animals in the centre and with educating the public. I am recently back from working in a Zoo in the U.K. where I worked with a number of reptiles, amphibians and small mammals. 

My favourite section to work in in Shauna’s Petshop is downstairs in our reptile section. Before starting in Shauna's, I wouldn't have considered myself a reptile person. But once I began working in Shauna's and working with a number of different reptile species everyday, I fell in love with them. I now even have my own beautifull Royal Python.

I am extremly passionate about animal welfare, particularly within the pet industry and am always trying to stay up to date on recent research.

Andy: Team Leader

Pets: Labrador x Lurcher rescues (Simon & Banjo from KWWSPCA), Cape Gopher Snake ("Dora" Pituophis vertebralis), Syrian Hamster Rescue (Britney), Hypo-translucent Bearded Dragon ("Gizzard" Pogona vitticeps), Green Bottle Blue Tarantula ("Azul" Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens), Guatemalan Tiger Rump Tarantula (Davus pentaloris), Indian Ornamental Tarantula (Poecilotheria regalis), Bengal Ornamental Tarantula (Poecilotheria miranda), 2 Tropical Fish Tanks.

Favourite animal in the store: This is a tough one since I have an obsession with tarantulas but I am quite fascinated by the various frog species in Shauna's. I love the Red-Eye Tree Frogs, the White's Tree Frogs, and the Peppermint Pacman Frog. I also admire the Salmon Pink Bird-eating Tarantula (Lasiodora parahybana) since they ge to quite some size! I am also a huge fan of the different species of hamster we have, they're wonderful little animals. 

3 years ago I started studying the Animal Welfare and Animal Behaviour components from the QQI Level 5 Science course. I loved the course and decided to take on the full QQI Level 5 Animal Science course, I have since completed the course and received my certificate, now I am finishing up my QQI Level 6 Advanced Animal Science. While I will always appreciate my canine companions and felines, I have discovered a major passion towards the welfare and husbandry of exotic animals through my volunteering at the National Reptile Zoo. Keeping my own pets has pushed an independent drive for me to stay informed and do my research on the various animals I look after, The harder I work, the more better off the animals are.

Lisa: Website Manager & Customer Assistant

Pets: Jet, Cosmo, Hawk, Ducky (Dogs), Avalon & Alenko (Crested Gecko), Falafel & Samosa (Fat Tail Gecko).


Hi world, my name is Lisa. I love dogs and dog training. I have experience working with dogs from all walks of life. 


Favourite animal in the store: My favourite animal in the shop is the pallmetto cornsnake!


Kaytlin: Customer Assistant 

Hi my name is Kaytlin and I'm an animal science graduate!

My interest in animal care began when I was a child and fell in love with the animals in the zoo, who I visited every week!
I previously worked as a dog groomer and love helping customers with their pets and offering the best advice on how to keep their pooches pampered. I also have a keen interest in dog nutrition.


I was so happy to start working in Shauna's as I wanted to learn more about reptiles and proper animal husbandry within the pet trade.

My favourite animals in the shop are Dodger our Panther Chameleon and our Palmetto Cornsnake!


Favourite animal in the store: My favourite animals in the shop are Dodger our Panther Chameleon and our Palmetto Cornsnake!


I got my hamster..

I got my hamster , Mishu, from Shauna's pet shop back in late September. They were super accommodating, with delivery service that was fast and on time! Their hamster enclosures are great and spacious and my baby is so happy with all the treats and toys we got from there. I would totally recommend getting your small pets and supplies from Shauna's pet shop rather than other big stores that don't care about the animals they sell.

Mim Mangan - 14/01/2021

Definitely the best pet shop..

Definitely the best pet shop in Dublin! I am always so happy with the brilliant service Shauna’s Pet Shop provides. Staff are super invested in the well-being of their animals and are always happy to help. I also just need to mention how friendly the employees are ☺️ Just brought home my newest family member today and couldn’t be more excited, she is active, happy and alert. Thank you all the lovely staff at Shaunas!

🐸Saoirse Reddin - 14/01/2021

Lovely pet shop..

Lovely pet shop with staff that really love animals. Placed an order for pet food on a weekend and it arrived Tuesday morning. Excellent service. Also got one of my hamsters from there over a year ago :)

Joyce Madden - 14/01/2021

Shauna's Pet Shop is not olny amazing

Shauna's Pet Shop is not olny amazing and has everything your pet could ever need, but the staff goes out of their way to help the customers. I had an order delivered today while I was freaking out about a spider in my apartment (I have a huge phobia) and knowing they have spiders in the store I asked the deliverer if she could help me out in getting rid of it. She kindly agreed and took it out of my house. She was super nice about it! ..and I really appreciate it ! Shauna's will continue to be my go to Pet Shop in Dublin. Thank you!!

Lali Maggio - 14/01/2021

As a trainee vet nurse

As a trainee vet nurse I 100% recommend Shaunas pet shop! The staff are so friendly and so well trained. They really care about their animals. They won’t sell to just anyone and you can tell they have a great staff morale. Will definitely be returning and thank you for letting me adopt a hamster x -

DL - 14/01/2021

Ordered from shauna's pet shop

Ordered from shauna's pet shop for the first time and I'll definitely be ordering again. Only put my order in yesterday morning and it arrived this morning!! Amazing service, so quick! Fantastic that this pet shop is selling quality and safe products for hamsters. Thank you 💕☺️

Anne Derwin - 14/01/2021

The best pet shop in Ireland ❤

The only shop in Ireland to stock Rodipet, which is amazing! Shauna's promotes the PROPER care of animals and ethical breeding! Extremely fast delivery on online orders too! The best pet shop in Ireland ❤

Sarah Burns - 14/01/2021

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. They obviously care for the animals very much and want the best for them. They take their time to get you all the information you need in the best products and care needed for pets. Will be my go to from now on.

Rebecca Fagan - 14/01/2021

Really friendly..

Really friendly and helpful staff! Got my whole hamster set up here for an affordable price! Thanks so much

Isobel Strudwick - 14/01/2021

Boarding our buns..

Boarding our buns and never had an issue. Always send us pics and messages to reassure that they're being looked after well.

jen gore - 14/01/2021

Good pet shop..

Good pet shop in the centre of town has very friendly and helpful staff its quite small premises but with a lot of stock always feel like I'm going to knock stuff over

Steven Elliott - 14/01/2021

Always has the best brands..

Always has the best brands of bird food, the deliveries are always on time and overall it is my go to when I need pet supplies

NEZUMI - 14/01/2021

Best pet shop..

Best pet shop there is in Ireland, only gets and sells animals from ethical breeders so you can be sure you’re getting a healthy pet. Also only advises proper care for all animals, proper cage and tank sizes, proper set ups etc, this making them the only pet shop in the country that does so. Most other pet shops sell animals from rodent mills, and cages and other products that are unsuitable and unsafe for animals. So you know you’re getting the correct advice and best care when you go to Shauna’s :)

Tara O'Connor - 14/01/2021

Couldn't recommend this shop more

Couldn't recommend this shop more, the staff Lisa and Robert were so helpful and informative. Lisa is also a dog trainer and groomer so she was a fountain of knowledge of how to keep my Irish Terrier puppy stimulated and secure in the correct lead and harness. I recommend bringing your dog in with you so they can try on the different harnesses and see what works best for them. It's also so important to support small Irish independent store's like this one 👍

Clare Aherne - 14/01/2021

Lovely place

Lovely place, the animals aren't treated as products and have adequate enclosures, a rare quality in the business. The owners are very sympathetic and know what they're doing. The care instructions on the enclosures brought a smile to my face, as it furthermore confirms this is the best place in Dublin for animal care.

First man in the jungle - 14/01/2021

I used to go there on my bad days to look at the bunnies!

I used to go there on my bad days to look at the bunnies! Then, I finally bought a rabbit from them! 🐇 I'm just so happy to have such a lovely pet shop close to work! The staff is always super helpful and friendly 😍

Marta Martinho - 14/01/2021

Bravo for the amazing services!

Bravo for the amazing services! This pet shop is really known for its amazing services and products. It was these guys that provided me with anything that I needed for my beloved pets. Also, the prices they are offering are just within my budget, and I liked it very much. I'm sure that the services of this pet shop will be my number one option from now on. Greatly done, guys! Thanks!

Scott Long - 14/01/2021

Amazing shop and staff.

Amazing shop and staff. We got this little guy from them and they have been so helpful with any questions and recommendations to take the best care of him. 100% would recommend Shauna's and look forward to my next visit there.

Joseph Lynch - 14/01/2021

I bought a “Muddy Paws”

I bought a “Muddy Paws” outdoor rug for my dog, it arrived so quickly. The website it full of brilliant products and easy to navigate. This is my third purchase from Shauna’s in the last couple of years and I will continue to return.

T. Crox - 14/01/2021

Honestly such amazing..

Honestly such amazing passion from all the people I chatted to, they helped to answer my questions and even more. Happy new owner of two Gerbils thanks to them! Would recommend to anyone looking for pets or pet supplies or even just pet information in general, Amazing!

Alex Wong - 14/01/2021