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You know you're supporting an ethical business

You know you’re supporting an ethical business when you buy from this pet shop. As an added bonus, shipping is fast and the staff are friendly :)

Aisling via Google Reviews - 28/03/2022

Nothing but positive feedback

I’ve been shopping here for pet stuff for a while now. Shauna’s pet store is definitely one of the best pet stores in Dublin, in my opinion. Nothing but positive feedback for this place. They sell a really diverse selection of products for your pets including food, hygiene products and toys. There’s a lot to choose from and the staff are always so friendly. The toys are very very durable. The woof and purr pizza toy is able to withstand two hyperactive Jack Russell Terriers so I recommend them. They sold us this cuddly octopus toy too and the dogs are delighted!

Jordan via Google Reviews - 09/04/2021

If I could give more stars I would!

Such an amazing petshop with amazing people who care so much about the animals i'll never shop anywhere else Lisa helped us so much I would give more stars if possible!

Kerrie via Google Reviews - 22/03/2022

So knowledgeable about axolotls

Absolutely amazing so knowledgeable about axolotls I was absolutely lost with no local petshops having any idea but the staff here are amazing!!!

Fiona via Google Reviews - 12/04/2022

We won't shop anywhere else!

Won't shop at any other Dublin petshops since finding this store. Moved here in July from Chicago and was stressed about swapping my 9 year old dog to new foods/brands here and the team has been wonderful every step of the way. The order ahead pickup option saves time as well - so happy they exist!!!

Caitlin via Google Reviews - 02/02/2022

Large selection of thoughtfully selected and safe items

Large selection of thoughtfully selected and safe items, especially for smaller pets. There's a lot of stuff out there for sale that's actually harmful for the animals so it's great to see a pet shop that tries to stock items that you can trust. The staff are super helpful too.

Sadhbh via Google Reviews - 31/01/2022

I can confidently say Shauna's Petshop is the best

I can confidently say that Shauna's is the best pet shop in Dublin. They supply only the best, species appropriate products available. Their range for small pets is especially impressive, a market which is usually riddled with unsuitable and outright dangerous products. Shauna & co are very knowledgeable and I recommend coming to them for advice about specific products or general animal care questions. Above all, Shauna's feels like a business run on a genuine passion for animals and their care, something that is sorely lacking in most other pet shops.

Catherine via Google Reviews - 04/12/2021

Shauna's will have everything you need

Shauna's is my go to for anything I need for my pets. They've never let me down for anything I needed for my snake. So many places will stock bits and pieces for most animals but Shauna's will have everything you'll need so no need to go hunting around loads of places. Plus the staff are just so lovely to chat to about anything animal.

Eimear via Google Reviews - 27/12/2021

Love Shauna's

Love Shauna's 💓 They have boarded my two budgies a good few times over the last number of years and have always looked after them so well while in their care. Shauna and her staff are full of great advice and really lovely.

Anne via Google Reviews - 30/12/2021

They truly care about the animals

Very friendly staff always happy to answer your pet questions and give advice. They truly care about the animals

Katie via Google Reviews - 29/12/2021

Lovely staff

Lovely staff that are always willing to help! :)

Emilija via Google Reviews - 04/01/2022

They only sell high quality items here

They only sell high quality items here and are no more expensive than shops that sell poor quality stuff. Understandably busy place and the young staff are friendly and enthusiastic. Love it

Anne via Google Reviews - 13/01/2022

My hamster loves Rodipet!

Thank you Shauna's pet shop for posting my goodies with a little note from you. My hamster loves Rodipet! Will buy again ! :)

Egle via Google Reviews - 26/01/2022

Best petshop and service in Ireland

Best pet shop and service in Ireland

James via Google Reviews - 08/03/2022

Very helpful staff who have lots of experience

Very helpful staff and have lots of experience in what they a talking about. 🐕🐱🐾🐇🦎🕷

E L via Google Reviews - 16/03/2022

The staff provide outstanding customer service

Great place to shop for all your pet's needs. From fish, hamsters, birds, cats, or dogs Shauna's Pet Shop caters to you and the enjoyment of you pet. The staff are very knowledgeable and provide outstanding customer service. If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your home, Shauna's Pet Store has an excellent website where you can choose to Click & Collect or have the items shipped out to you making your shopping experience that much more convenient and faster for you.

Scot via Google Reviews - 04/01/2022

The delivery service is amazing

Shauna's Petshop is the best pet store I've been to in a long time, all the staff are very helpful and friendly. The staff here will ensure you know how to look after your pets with the best care and advice. I got my leopard gecko, Ducky, here and she's doing amazing. Anytime I have any questions and messaged the store in Instagram they're very good at getting back to you and they're always willing to help you improve your animal care! I ordered online the other day and received my order this morning, delivery service is amazing. I actually cannot fault this shop in the slightest and love visiting to get food for my new best friend. Thank a million, you guys are the best!

Chloe via Google Reviews - 02/02/2022

Only place in Ireland that has Rodipet products!

super fast delivery and have amazing products! they're the only place in Ireland that has rodipet products!

Jessie via Google Reviews - 05/04/2022

You know the care the hamsters get is 5 stars!

Shauna’s Petshop is by far one of the best pet shops in Ireland, they sell a whole variety of different items for animals (big and small!) I have to say, I adore the hamster section, you can see and know that the car the hamsters in store get are 5 stars, i love the range of Rodipet products, different bedding and substrates as well as enrichment! I also find the delivery amazing, most of the time I get it next day which is fantastic! I cannot wait to come go back to Shauna’s pet shop as soon as I’m back in Dublin ♥️

Tony's Delights via Google Reviews - 28/02/2022

Great customer service

Thanks to Shauna and her team for their great customer service and supplies for my fish tank . Thanks again , I’ve got some very happy fish ❤️

Carmel via Google Reviews - 01/02/2022

Best petshop I've ever been to

This is the best pet shop I've ever been to. They really care about the animals and have a great selection for a small place. The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable and the service is always excellent. I placed an order online yesterday and received it this morning.

Regina via Google Reviews - 07/12/2021

Great amount of stock

Great amount if stock for all pets. Really helpful friendly knowledgeable staff.

Anna via Google Reviews - 22/12/2021

1000% recommended

Best pet store in dublin, they really care about animal welfare, 1000% recommended.

Lotte via Google Reviews - 27/12/2021

Very happy

Good service. Ordered Wednesday evening and it came Friday morning very happy.

Simon via Google Reviews - 28/12/2021

Such fast delivery!

Such fast delivery! The hand written note made us smile :)

Niamh via Google Reviews - 02/01/2022

Keep up the great work!

The staff are extremely competent and helpful. They put the welfare of the animals in their care to the forefront of their business. Thank you very much - keep up the great work!

Jenny via Google Reviews - 07/01/2022

Fabulous shop with wonderful staff

Fabulous shop with wonderful staff. Huge selection and excellent value for money. Best pet shop in Dublin.

Gerry via Google Reviews - 16/02/2022

Large selection of thoughfully selected and safe items

Large selection of thoughtfully selected and safe items, especially for smaller pets. There's a lot of stuff out there for sale that's actually harmful for the animals so it's great to see a pet shop that tries to stock items that you can trust. The staff are super helpful too.

Sadhbh via Google Reviews - 16/03/2022

Always happy to order from here

The best staff☺️ They know they’re stuff and they’re not selling products for money. They have so much different products for hamsters. Always so happy to order from here and delivery is quick

Lisa via Google Reviews - 24/03/2022